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Corel ParticleShop Free License: Brush Effects Plugin

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Are you a graphic designer, illustrator, or photographer aiming to elevate your projects? If yes, think about incorporating Corel ParticleShop into your toolkit.

This robust brush plugin for photo editing is compatible with both Windows and Mac OS, offering a variety of features to elevate the quality of your ultimate creations.

What is Corel ParticleShop?

ParticleShop by Corel is a versatile brush plugin crafted to elevate projects for graphic designers, illustrators, and photographers.

This plugin seamlessly integrates with popular applications like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, CorelDRAW, and Corel PaintShop Pro.

ParticleShop UI

With an array of brush categories like Smoke, Debris, Fur, Fine Art, Fabric, Hair, Space Light, and more, users can effortlessly enhance their projects in various ways.

Key Features


1. Diverse Brush Collection

ParticleShop presents creative brushes for Photoshop, covering Debris, Fabric, Fine Art, Fur, Hair, Light, Space, Smoke, and Storm. These brushes deliver impressive results quickly, requiring no prior experience or extensive learning.

2. Innovative Brush Tech

Powered by Painter, the plugin boasts revolutionary brush technology, providing dynamic strokes with brushes that respond to pressure and expression. These brushes enhance photos, designs, and illustrations with realistic and captivating results.

3. Easy-to-Use Interface

ParticleShop is designed for use with a pressure-sensitive tablet, touchscreen, or mouse, allowing users to create without complex setups. The plugin’s user interface is intuitive, making every adjustable control instantly visible and understandable.

4. Boundless Creativity

Unleash stunning effects with physics-based brushes that respond to your every movement. Whether crafting storms, creatures, gowns, or superheroes, ParticleShop’s imaginative and lifelike brushes empower you to enhance both designs and photos, expanding your creative horizons.

Corel ParticleShop Free License:

Visit this giveaway page; it’s in German, and you can use Google Translator for translation.

On the giveaway page, enter your email, agree to the terms by checking two boxes, and then click the “Download Now For Free” button.

Once you click the Download button, you’ll get a confirmation email from Newsletter DigitalPHOTO (

Click the confirmation link in that email. Afterward, you’ll receive a second email containing the serial number or license code.

Get the ParticleShop Installer from the links below, based on your operating system.


Mac OS:

Unzip the file, run the online installer, download the required files, and when prompted during installation, enter your serial number to complete the process.


In summary, Corel ParticleShop is a robust brush plugin that can elevate your designs and illustrations.

Whether you’re a graphic designer, illustrator, or photographer, ParticleShop’s diverse brushes and user-friendly experience make it a valuable tool for any creative work.