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Coolmuster HEIC Converter for Free-Convert HEIC Images to JPG/PNG

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Coolmuster HEIC Converter is a specialized tool with batch processing capabilities that enables you to convert HEIC image data to JPG or PNG formats.

There are many various types and formats of image data, and while technical progress has expanded the possibilities of app formats, conversions are sometimes necessary to enable better interoperability and the ability to shift data from one app to another.

It’s simple to access HEIC files on iOS 11+ devices, but on older iOS devices and most platforms, you cannot open and view HEIC photos.

Coolmuster HEIC Converter is a straightforward image converter designed specifically for HEIC files. It can convert single or many HEIC images to JPG or PNG with a minimum of fuss.

Coolmuster HEIC Converter UI

You’ll appreciate the app’s streamlined design immediately, and you’ll find that it provides easy access and navigation. The program’s intuitive interface is further enhanced by the ability to simply drag and drop one’s image files into it.

You can upload multiple files at once. This is crucial for those who are used to working with batch processing and who have many images to convert. The application provides a lot of options for customizing the output data characteristics in addition to the standard settings relating to the file formats, which are JPG and PNG. For instance, you can keep the original EXIF data when importing photos.

We can adjust quickly the image output quality in various ways thanks to a slider and an arrow increment input. When it comes to the actual transformation, a preview of the task’s progress is also provided via a progress bar.

Coolmuster HEIC Converter Features:

  • Drag HEIC files and convert them without hassle.
  • On a Windows PC, you can convert a HEIC image to a JPG, JPEG, or PNG image without losing any quality.
  • It’s easy to batch-add HEIC files or folders at a time.
  • Support for previewing HEIC files before converting them.
  • Keep EXIF information when converting HEIC to JPG or JPEG.
  • Adjust the image quality before conversion.
  • Add, delete, and search HEIC files or folders on your computer.

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Click the “Register” button.

Enter your email address, and license code and hit “Register”.

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