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Content Marketing Strategies For Dummies eBook Worth $18 for Free

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Content Marketing Strategies for Dummies by Stephanie Diamond tells you how to use targeted content marketing strategies to get a key competitive edge. This Dummies Edition ebook usually costs $18, but thanks to TradePub, you can get it for free for a limited time.

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Note: The deadline for this giveaway is July 26, 2022.

About Content Marketing Strategies

Traditional advertising is in a state of upheaval. Advertising online is getting more and more expensive, and people are becoming more careful about what they click on next.

Today’s customers won’t buy anything until they’ve done enough research to be sure they’re making a good choice.

Content marketing, which is also known as marketing based on education, is the new thing that drives online sales. It’s also turning out to be the best way to get people interested in your brand early on in the buying process. In fact, leaders in online marketing have said, “Content marketing is the only marketing left.”

Content Marketing Strategies For Dummies ebook

Content marketing’s growth is continuing to change the way we talk to and interact with current and potential clients. It is the only type of marketing that teaches customers and solves their problems by publishing content that is relevant to them.

Blogs and social media platforms are all the rage right now, especially among strategists who want to use content marketing to gain influence with their target audience. Content Marketing Strategies for Dummies shows you how to use content marketing to get ahead of your competition, even in the most crowded markets.

This timely text explains the Five C Cycle: Company Focus, Customer Experience, Content Creation, Channel Promotion, and Closed-Loop Analysis. The Five C Cycle helps you make and write down a targeted content marketing strategy and gives you the confidence to start your content marketing campaign.

This will be your go-to content marketing guide because it will help you figure out what your company’s focus is, use data to learn about your customers’ experiences, create channel promotions across social platforms, make actionable online content, and use closed-loop analysis to build on your past successes.