Connectify 6 Released : Major Update

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Connectify 6 has been released, this is a major update for both Connectify Hotspot and Dispatch  softwares, this update brings new look, flexible UI, improved stability, and new features.

Before  going  through details about the new version, I thought to let you know what the two softwares  : Hotspot and Dispatch does or how do they function. Connectify Hotspot  acts  as a virtual router  and turns your laptop into a wireless hotspot to share a web connection.

Where as  Connectify Dispatch  app combines  bandwidth of different internet connections or two Internet Connections (Wi-Fi, Ethernet, 3G/4G, Dial-Up) into one and provides  fastest internet speed of your PC.

connectify 6

Connectify Hotspot 6:
The new version brings lots of changes, user interface in Connectify Hotspot 6 is no longer always on top, now it can resizeable, and can be moved anywhere on the desktop. Further, the menu has been expanded into a menu bar, so everything’s easier to find.

Also a password generator is introduced, there is a Generate Password button that will suggest a new and random password. By default the password is shown in the status bar for easy access while the Hotspot is running, but there’s a “Hide” link right there, if you don’t want your password displayed.

connectify hotspot 6

But in the new version support for WPS thumbdrives feature has been dropped, Hotspot no longer has the “Save Settings to Thumbdrive” option to write the connection settings to a USB thumb drive. Windows 8 has dropped support for that feature, and won’t use the drivers that Connectify sets up. Also in version 6, the “Clone Wi-Fi” (pro version) feature has been renamed to “Wi-Fi Extender.

Connectify Hotspot 6 is available in two versions as Lite and pro, the lite version is free to download and the pro version annual license costs $25. Connectify Hotspot lite offers basic Web connectivity and a few management features, such as the ability to selectively disable Internet or local-network access for attaching clients. The pro version offers more features such as media sharing, automatic network selection, custom SSID name, WI-Fi extender functionality, supports 3G/4G networks, and firewall controls.

Download: Connectify Lite 6.0

Connectify Dispatch 6.0:

Now in version you can run both Dispatch and Switchboard at the same time. Switchboard Internet access wins out over Dispatch Local. But, running a personal server, you can then share the Internet via Hotspot and share Dispatch client access. You can also use Switchboard to VPN somewhere without using the Internet from the hub, and use Dispatch Local to balance your connection.

Note that you need Connectify 6 and Switchboard Beta 4 (coming soon) to use this.Also Dispatch’s speed tests of Internet connections are now more faster and accurate.

Download: Connectify Dispatch 6.0 trail