In this web world When I say “Comodo”, those who know about “PC” and virus immediately will reply that it’s a Security firm. Yes, Comodo is one of the most know and trusted Security Solutions provider. Now comodo secruity solutions are into VPN services with Comod TrustConnect.

Comodo TrustConnect is a secure VPN service that allows you to browse the web safely. It creates a shield around your laptop, desktop or mobiles devices, by encrypting all your Internet traffic it prevents criminals from attacking or scanning the system from the local network that you’re using to connect to the Internet.

Comodo TrustConnect Features:
  • Creates a Virtual Private Network to hide all personal web-surfing information
  • Securely encrypts all data transmitted over both wired and wireless Internet connections
  • Utilizes industry-standard 128-bit encryption
  • Lightweight—protects without interfering with normal computer operation
  • Compatible with all ipad, iPhone and iTouch devices.
  • compatible with Windows ( XP & Vista), Linux and Mac Operating Systems
  • Server Locations:US, Ca, Nl, De, Lux, Fr, No, Ch, Rus, My, Hk, Si
  • Note: No server switching

  • VPN Protocols: PPTP, L2TP, OpenVPN
Price: Trust Connect VPN service is available in 3 price models
  • $3.99 for a 24-hours with unlimited Bandwidth
  • $6.99 for a month with unlimited Bandwidth
  • $49.99 for the whole year with unlimited Bandwidth
  • If you want test the service, there is free 7-day trial period option, which requires credit card.


    How do I get Comodo TrustConnect VPN for Free ?

  1. Although this is not a complete free offer, but below link will provides 10GB monthly quota for free
  2. To avail the free offer visit this page
  3. Now fill the form by entering required details , don’t worry this doesn’t require credit card.
  4. After creating the account, login to your account , then Click the ‘TrustConnect’ tab and at right side of the page  you will find installation file.
  5. Depending on your OS download and install the file, then connect to your account according to this page.
  6. Note: You can also download installation file listed below for different operating systems.