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Comodo Security Solutions released Comodo Programs Manager a freeware windows utility that helps you to comprehensively and cleanly remove programs, drivers, services and Windows components from your system.

Comodo Programs Manager monitor’s a program means that records all changes that the software makes to your system so that they can be completely reversed when you decide to uninstall.

Comodo Programs Manager is composed of four modules– Programs, Drivers and Services, Windows Features , Windows Updates.The Programs module is capable of uninstalling an application along with such unwanted remnants. Drivers and Services module allows users to uninstall unwanted drivers or services from their system, where as the Windows Features displays windows an their hidden components and allows you to enable or disable them with ease.

Windows updates
module displays number of Windows updates installed ,as well it also lists the available updates for your OS, on clicking a update in that list you can install them.

Comodo Programs Manager also features an innovative ‘on-access’ malware scanner that detects virus infected installers. If a setup file is infected, the application raises an alert and allows you to abort the installation.

Comodo Programs Manager
is compatible with Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7.

Download : Comodo Programs Manager

  1. Thanks for info!Try it and unable to uninstall simple junk program,Revo Uninstaller works much better than this crap