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Commander Compass (GPS-Toolkit) App for iOS Now Free

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Commander Compass is an off-road GPS with compass and maps. It is a well thought out the car and walk GPS compass app for iPhone,
iPad, iOS, and Android, like no other GPS navigation app.

Crafted in compliance with military specs, the app designed to
be used where traditional GPS apps fail — off the road.

Now the iOS version of Commander Compass app price dropped from $5.99 to $0. Get this app from App Store while it’s free.

Commander Compass is a practical and fun 3D compass navigation
and a powerful toolkit for the outdoors.

The app features a milspec compass, gyrocompass, maps,
GPS tracker, speedometer, gyro horizon, and inclinometer. Tag, share, find and track your position, multiple locations, and bearings, all in real time.

Commander Compass Features :


Don’t get lost with the 3D compass navigation. Tag, find and track many locations, bearings, the Sun and the Moon and stars, in real time.
Find directions with the milspec compass operating in 3D space at any orientation. See direction hints to many targets at once, updated in real-time on the azimuth circle. Overlay compass maps to see which way you are facing.
Reach unbelievable precision with the gyrocompass, just like in air or marine navigation. Forget compass interferences. Get a live compass on devices with no compass sensor.

Find and track your location, coordinates in geo and military formats,

altitude, current and maximum speed and course. Use imperial, metric, nautical and military units.

Store all locations you will need later on, your car’s parking place,
a hotel, a hidden treasure cache in the woods, that camping place near the lake — or anything else. Tag locations and bearings with a few taps. Select points from maps.
Enter locations, bearings, and stars , or use the built-in catalog of the brightest stars.
Paste to import coordinates or map links. Find any target later with the built-in navigation tools. Find points on maps. Export by copying coordinates or links. Share locations using email.
Track the position of any location, bearing or star along with the Sun and the Moon in real-time. See objects through the Earth. See where objects are with the 3D compass. Track many objects at once. Choose the primary or other targets. Get object distances, azimuths and elevations.
Observe your and your targets’ positions on maps rotated
according to the current azimuth. See street, satellite or hybrid maps.