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CyberLink ColorDirector is a post-production color grading tool that helps you to get the very best out of your footage and dramatically improve the quality of your video projects.

This powerful Windows tool pairs away all the complexity by delivering all the color grading tools and a package accessible to even novices.Whether you want to give a Cinematic Hollywood Star look to your video or correct footage that’s overexposed.

Color director offers powerful, yet easy to use with video makers on all skill levels make better videos.This software offers complete grading tools to enhance your videos. Correct white balance, adjust tonality, fix exposure problems and stylize cinematic looks.

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Key Features of CyberLink ColorDirector:

Simplified Color Grading

Color is so important to final result of a video project like lighting it affects the mood and feel of a piece of work and our overall impression, it has the potential to elevate a good video to a great one.

Color grading scares a lot of people off because a lot of applications are incredibly hard to use, using ColorDirector provides the best shot at creating videos that will be remembered. The software brings eye-catching colors to your videos and dramatically change the look and feel of a production.

Cinema-Style Looks
Good movie scenes convey more than just the content they contain, smart use of color can tell your audience in a number of ways.

ColorDirector helps you to stylize your videos with powerful features used by professional movie makers, there’s also a huge collection movie presets that will help you to get your footage looking like a favorite film at the click of a button.

Fix Problems with color & Light
No matter way of shooting, weather conditions, time of day, camera equipment and a whole host of other factors can play havoc with footage, when you’ve got bad footage on your hands that you need to use color director, that can rescue.

Precise manual adjustments to an entire scene or just certain parts per frame combined with easy one-click options to remove graininess, noise, haze, fog and other artifacts that degrade video quality.

Intelligent Motion Tracking
One of the great features of the color director is that it makes the painstaking task of tracking and color grading moving objects in a video easy,an intelligent motion tracking algorithm does the heavy lifting for you enabling you to select, track and grade objects in a small fraction of the time that it would normally take.


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