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Coin - Boost your productivity with this Focus Timer [iOS app Free]

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Coin is not just a timer. It is the productivity tool you need, for those times when you don’t want procrastination to get in front of your goals.

Your phone can be a powerful source of distraction, why not make it work in your favour?

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This iOS app applies concepts of psychology and behavioural economics to seamlessly get you in the zone and keep you motivated.

Mindfully designed with concepts such as loss aversion, competition, reward, and habit formation, Coin minimizes the possibility of distraction while maximizing your productivity in an exhaustive yet minimal style.

coin-focus timer for iPhone


  1. Focus timer with customizable session length
  2. Win coins for each completed session
  3. Loose coins for giving up
  4. Global coin leaderboard
  5. Beautiful dashboard to keep track of progress
  6. Increasing rank tiers based on daily streaks
  7. Unlockable achievements
  8. Ideal for study, work, or any creative activity