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CocKpit , a Mac application by green&slimy is a flexible multi-controller that controls other apps on your Mac, normally it costs around $25, but for a limited period Mac buzzer is Giving away Cockpit for free.


Cockpit is a really flexible multi application controller and automation center.It has preinstalled controls for iTunes, iPhoto, Keynote, Safari, iCal, Mail and Mac OS X itself onboard. Furthermore you can also build your own controls and therefore launch apps, run tasks, scripts and more, and use custom and global hotkeys for all controls.

Features :

  • Control iTunes, iPhoto, Keynote, Safari, iCal, Mail and Mac OS X itself, and much more
  • Execute AppleScripts, Shell Scripts, SQL and more
  • Extendable with Cockpit Controls which can be shared an exported
  • Global hotkeys
  • Automator integration
  • Cockpit automatically opens the app which you want it to control. Therefore apps that are chosen within the Cockpit window (default is iTunes) will restart automatically when that app was quit and can´t be disabled in the preferences as long as that app is chosen in the Cockpit window. You need to choose another app in the Cockpit window to quit that app or disable it in the Cockpit Preferences.


    How to Download Cockpit with free License ?

    1. Visit this page, enter your name , email address and click the “submit” button,
    2. Instantly it will display Cockpit license file, download the file
    3. Now download Cockpit installation file from here