Cloudfogger : Encrypt your Cloud drives

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Cloudfogger is a free security solution, that encrypts  all your files before you push them in to the cloud.No matter if you use Dropbox, SkyDrive or Google Drive, cloudfogger  will secure your files and you’re in control.

With Cloudfogger, you can now turn any folder on your Windows system into a “Cloudfogger autofogg-folder”, e.g. your Dropbox. All new files copied into these autofogg-folders will automatically be encrypted in the background. While you are still able to see them and work with them on your local system, they will be uploaded to the cloud as AES encrypted files.


1.Simple and secure file encryption

    • Cloudfogger encrypts all your files easily, quick and secure using AES (Advanced Encryption Standard), which has even been approved by the NSA for top secret information.
    • This client-side encryption ensures that nobody will be able to access your protected documents and files without your password.

2.For Dropbox, SkyDrive, Google Drive and others

    • Cloudfogger uses transparent encryption, which makes daily use quick and simple: With Cloudfogger, you save your files to the new Cloudfogger drive X: that is created when you install Cloudfogger. In the background, all files stored on X: will be written fully encrypted to a selectable directory on your system – for example your Dropbox.
    • All the same this works with any other cloud storage provider or even your local network/disk storage.

3.Secure sharing on any media

  • Cloudfogger-protected files can also be shared with others. You just need the automatically created Cloudfogger ID your partner uses and you are on your way to use your files together.
  • Also, distributing files via e-mail or USB sticks is easy due to the portable Cloudfogger file format.

Install and use Cloudfogger

Cloudfogger is available as a free download for Windows, Mac OS X,Android and iOS platforms. In windows, just download the installer and install it, the Cloudfogger setup wizard will automatically start,create a free Cloudfogger account. The account allows easy logins from wherever you are and also allows you to share encrypted files with other Cloudfogger users.

Optionally you may create a local account. For local accounts Cloudfogger does not connect to our servers, setup is quick and simple – and the account can be upgraded later at any time.

For those concerned about security . Cloudfogger encrypts files with a unique 256bit AES key. For sharing and to protect the AES key we use RSA private/public key encryption. When you create your account, a key pair will be securely created on your computer. This key pair will be encrypted with the password you choose – so choose it wisely and make sure it contains at least 8 digits, lowercase and uppercase letters. Without your password nobody will ever be able to decrypt your key pair and your files.

Cloudfogger is integrated into your Windows system for simple, convenient use – most functions can be found in the Explorer context menu that is shown with a right-click on files and folders.After signing in you can easily convert confidential folders (e.g. your Dropbox) into Cloudfogger autofogg-folders.



That was basically all there is to do: All files in autofogg-folders are automatically and securely encrypted. Autofogg-folders and encrypted files get an overlay-symbol in Explorer to make it easy for you to see which files are safe.

While you are signed in you can access all files in autofogg-folders just like “normal files” – no changes in the way you use your computer. Still all files are stored on your hard drive in fully encrypted form – so Cloudfogger does not only protect your cloud, but also your laptop in case that gets stolen. Neat, or?

As your files are encrypted on your hard drive they are also encrypted when they get uploaded to the cloud – as you see in the following example for Dropbox all files now have a .cfog file extension – which means they are encrypted and secure Cloudfogger files!

Download Cloudfogger : For Windows/Mac/Android(on Google Play)/iOS(on iTunes)