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Cloud Security Handbook is a complete guide to securing the basic building blocks of cloud services. It includes real-world examples of how to use Azure, AWS, and GCP’s built-in services and capabilities.

This book by cloud security architect Eyal Estrin usually costs $41.99, but for a limited time, you can get it for free.

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The ebook has 456 pages and is about 5.61 MB in size.

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Cloud Security Handbook ebook

About Cloud Security Handbook:

As each cloud service provider uses its own unique set of security measures, keeping data safe in the cloud can be difficult. With the help of the Cloud Security Handbook, you can learn how to incorporate security best practices into the various components of public cloud infrastructure.

Find out how to use AWS, Azure, and GCP to keep cloud environments safe.

This ebook tells you everything you need to know about security when designing, building, and maintaining cloud environments. The guidelines in this book will make your move to the public cloud less stressful and more secure.

If you’re an IT pro or security expert, just getting started with the public cloud or planning a big move, this book is for you. This book will also help DevOps professionals, cloud engineers, and cloud architects who manage cloud production environments.

Cloud Security Handbook-Table of Contents

This book will help information security and cloud engineers understand the risks of the public cloud and learn how to use security controls when designing, building, and maintaining cloud environments. You’ll start by learning about the shared responsibility model, cloud service models, and cloud deployment models. Then, you’ll learn the basics of compute, storage, networking, identity management, encryption, and more.

Key Features:

  • Learn some real-world methods for securing your cloud infrastructure.
  • Secure your company’s cloud data and infrastructure.
  • Encrypt, detect threats and misconfiguration and achieve cloud compliance.