CleverPrint 2010 Pro is a windows utility designed by Abelssoft which can reduce your printing costs. Generally CleverPrint 2010 Professional costs around € 40, but you can save your money and get the software for free with this Holiday free offer.

Ink and toner are one of the most expensive supplies – clever print comes in to save these resources. CleverPrint allows you to combine multiple pages on one single page, remove specific pages, or cancel print jobs before you waste paper and toner.

Features :

  • Save Money: Print multiple pages on one.
  • Clever: Deletes unwanted pages easily
  • Clean up: CleverPrint lets you sort print jobs.
  • Print from everywhere: Print jobs from Microsoft Word, Open Office and Adobe Reader can be combined into a single print job.
  • Preview: Print Preview makes easier for you to decide whether to print now or cancel so you can modify the job.
  • Optimise Print Jobs: Remove graphics from print jobs and thus drastically reduce printing costs.
  • Save Time: CleverPrint saves and manages letterheads and can print them on any document you want.
  • Watermarks, text or pictures can be inserted in foreground or background of the print job.
  • CleverPrint can convert print jobs to PDF, and even graphic formats like PNG and JPG are available.
  • Print jobs can be saved easily and printed again later
  • Multiple print jobs from different programs can be combined and printed on a single page.


How do I get CleverPrint 2010 Pro for Free ?

  1. Just download the CleverPrint 2010 pro installer from here[22 MB]
  2. Note : You can also download from this alternate source.

  3. Install it and run the software, for the first time you will see a registration window, enter your name, email address and click on the “Get free unlock code now” button.
  4. Now you will receive an email from “Abelssoft” with CleverPrint 2010 Pro unlock code, copy the code.
  5. Paste above copied code in the registration window to unlock the software.