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Similar to your PC, you may notice that installing so many apps and extensive use of your Android device may lead to performance lag and battery starts running out quickly.

These problems arise due to piling up of junk files, search history and background tasks consuming much System RAM and battery. For instance apps can hog enough cache space to take up a lot of total internal storage space on your phones. If you look at popular twitter’s app “Vine”, it can take up 3.2 GB worth of cache space in a single use.

If you don’t properly manage above issues, then one day your Android device may start experiencing random reboots and frequent app crashes.
But you can prevent or fix these issues with the help of this all-in-one cleaning app called Clean Master, which breathes new life into your Android. Clean Master is one of the most top rated and No.1 free tool app , it received more than ONE MILLION 5-star reviews on Google Play.

The clean master app is designed to automatically find and remove unnecessary clutter on your Android device to boost the system performance.With this All-in-one cleaning app, you can clear cache files generated by the apps , remove unused files,residual files, search history and un-install applications . In addition, the app lets you stop un-wanted background tasks to free system RAM and save battery life.

I was initially skeptical about installing this app when I noticed it on Google Play, because I know certain apps like “Task Killer” , which can mess with the way Android is supposed to run. But this app surprised me by clearing the device clutter without causing any trouble and even provided lots of options.

Clean Master app interface is graphical and much more intuitive, the home screen looks similar to normal system tuning apps, the upper half of the app’s user interface will display pie charts showing how much used and unused space is on the device’s internal storage and SD card. Tapping the pie charts will show your system storage settings.
Clean Master

On the lower half of the UI, you will notice four tiles or modules – Junk files, Privacy, Memory Boost and App manger.

1. Junk File module:

The Junk File module helps you to salvage storage space eaten up by cached data, temporary files and files left over by apps that are no longer installed. To make things user friendly , this module is divided into two sections – Standard and Advanced.
The standard represents junk files that are 100% safe to delete as removal won’t cause negative impact on your device and apps.Advanced represents everything else and need to be manually selected by default as a precaution. Look over these files carefully before you select them and tap “Clean.” Some of these files can be junk while others could be your favorite music, movies, etc.

We recommend novice users stay clear of the “Advanced” section and everyone else to clean that area with caution.

2. Privacy Module:

Privacy Module helps you to clean the search history of the Google Play Store and Google store and clear call logs and unwanted messages. Also this module provides you an option to delete individual entries from your Inbox and call logs.

3. Memory Boost Module :

Memory Boost Module kills apps and services running in the background, thereby freeing up some RAM to boost performance of your Android and also saves your device battery life. The app also creates a short cut “1 Tap Boost” , you can use this for freeing up RAM without launching Clean Master app.

4. App Manger :

The App Manger is similar to Android’s built-in app manger and can be found in the settings. It lets you uninstall apps and move apps from the phone memory to the SD card to free up memory in the internal storage.

You can find 3-dot menu at the top right of the app’s home screen, where you can access settings and functions called ‘Fast clean’ . Using Fast Clean function, you can Clear out all Junk in one place with just a simple click.


1. Simple, Easy to use and useful
2. Fast and responsive
3.A Must have app, if you use a lot of apps
4. Highly efficient and does what it says.


Nothing, but  some functions of the app require rooting of Android device.

clean master standard mode

Clean Master will do a thorough cleaning job for your Android and you will notice the difference when you run the app regularly, especially the app is a boon for Slower Android devices that don’t have multi core processor and has less RAM.


Clean Master will help you to shed pounds of junk data in seconds and maintains your Android performance in prime condition. This is a must have app on any Android device , it’s rare to find an app with solid 5 star rating on Google play and I think this app deserves it.

Download: Clean Master

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7  Tips to speed up your Android Smartphone or tablets :

One of the most power-hungry of your Smartphone is display. The more widgets you have on your home screens, the more battery gets used up. Especially if you are using a live wallpaper, that can also slow down your phone. Below I listed 7 tips to speed up your Android device.

1. Uninstall or disable unused apps.
2. Clear app caches with an app like Clean Master.
3. Limit widgets and live wallpapers
4. Disable animations.
5. Get updates for OS/apps on a regular basis
6. Disable background sync and connection options when they aren’t in operation.
7. Transfer apps to the SD card