Chrometa 2.0 : Time tracking software for Free

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Chrometa is a windows Effortless Time Tracking or managing software that lets know the amount time that you spend on your system on a particular app or on particular web services like Facebook and Twitter.

Chrometa starts at $49 for a single user license, which include email support. The current promo provides this single user license for free.

Chrometa silently runs in background and tracks all your computing activities including emails, visits to web sites and open applications. It allows you to view activities from days, weeks or months before. You can set reminders, organize your work and export the dates into a Microsoft Excel workbook.

It is specially designed for professionals that captures PC-based work time without user data entry. The product can also track time away from the PC through automated and manual timers and reminders. The killing feature what I like is categorizes the billable time you spend on your PC.

P.S : It is not related to Google chrome.

According to developers, Chrometa automatically captures and organizes the time you spend on your PC, facilitating your ability to accurately bill all your time. With Chrometa, you just work and Chrometa watches in the background. It logs all your computer activity, and also helps you capture phone and meeting time spent away from your PC.

Categorize your activities to clients/projects with a simple drag and drop (just like organizing your Outlook inbox). Because Chrometa is “smart”, it will remember your categorizations for future use, making time reconciliation a snap. Also you can Block Chrometa from tracking any application.


Chrometa 2.0 Free license

  1. Visit this promo page and fill required details
  2. Instantly you will receive License key along with activation details.
  3. Download Chrometa 2.0

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  1. Thanks Ramakanth needed one that tracks idle time, looks like it covers all features that time tracking soft should.

  2. You have a great insight on a time tracking tool, Ramakanth. I believe that this tool is very useful. I also been using time tracking tool and it is called Time Doctor. Using this tool it tracks of all of my activities and give me analytics for my work day, allowing me to improve your productivity and eliminate less productive activities. I am more productive this way.