Chrome’s New UI Refresh 2023

Chrome’s New UI Refresh 2023: How to Enable It

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Chrome Refresh 2023 (CR23) update will bring a modernized design to Google’s browser.

Google will release the new UI Refresh in 2023. Chrome will appear more polished and be more efficient to use with this update.

Although Google Chrome has remained unchanged over the years, the company appears to be focusing on introducing some cosmetic tweaks with the CR23 release.

The new UI is still reminiscent of the familiar look present in Windows 11, 10, macOS, and Linux today, but it now incorporates aspects of the Material look aesthetic seen in ChromeOS and Android.


New Features and Improvements

In the sneak peek of this updated user interface,

Chrome is more aesthetically pleasing, with a rounded menu and right-click menu corners and updated icons for each option in the three-dot menu.

The icons on the Google Toolbar, such as the Extensions menu and the Share button, have also been redesigned. When you click on them, rounded menus will emerge.

As a whole, Chrome for the desktop has been updated to adhere to Google’s Material Design guidelines with great care.

You can also notice the changes in the height and shape of the Omnibox.

How to Enable Chrome’s New UI Refresh 2023?


Chrome 114 or later (Beta or Dev) is required for the latest UI Refresh 2023 (CR23) features.

Get the developer version of Chrome from:

Chrome’s New UI Refresh 2023-Chrome Refresh 2023 flag

    1. Open Chrome and go to the address bar, then type “chrome://flags.
    2. Type “2023” in search bare and then click the enable switch next to “Chrome Refresh 2023.”
    3. Then, activate the following flags by searching for “cr23”:Omnibox CR23 UmbrellaOmnibox Expanded State HeightOmnibox: Expanded State Shape

      Omnibox Steady State Icons



    4. Restart your browser by clicking the “Relaunch” button.
    5. Once the steps are completed, the Google Chrome browser will enable the new visual elements.

Chrome’s New UI Refresh 2023-Chrome Flags

After the relaunch, Google Chrome’s aesthetic will have undergone few changes. The new layout features a temporarily changed background color for the title bar.

The address bar now features additional icons. The lock icon has been swapped out with a newer, less distinctive one, maybe to imply that users can now adjust security and other settings by clicking on the newer icon.

Key Takeaways of Chrome’s New UI Refresh 2023:

  • Google’s Chrome web browser is undergoing a facelift that will be released later this year, and users can enable some features on all channels.
  • Users can enable parts of the new design in all available channels, although not all features are available in the stable version yet.
  • The redesign includes changes to the address bar, menu icons, and title bar, but users can follow the development by enabling experimental options.