Chrome web store unveiled

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Google Chrome getting its own web store, as we know Google Chrome OS is expected to be launched by the end of this year.NowGoogle in it’s I/O developers conference announced Web App Store for both Google chrome browser & Chrome OS, which allows users to browse and download free and paid Web apps.

Similar to Chrome Extensions Gallery the Chrome Web Store is an app gallery featuring apps for magazines, productivity tools, and games such as chess.

The Chrome Web Store opens later this year. Users will be able to discover a broad range of amazing web apps while developers will be able to reach millions of new users.When Google Chrome users “install” a web application from the store, a convenient shortcut is added for quickly accessing the app. Installed web apps can also request advanced HTML5 permissions.


The Apps in the webstore will also run on any modern browser (including IE),because the apps will be built using standard Web tools.Similar to iPhone App Store, the apps in the chrome Web Store will sport ratings, reviews and a payment system by which developers can sell apps for consumers to purchase.

“Apps in the Chrome web store can be built on standard Web technologies like Flash and we will support all of them in the Chrome web store,” s Sundar Pichai ( Google’s vice president of product management) said at I/O.

Sundar Pichai, also previewed some features of the Chrome webstore, some features are: a Chrome-customized version of TweetDeck that uses geo-location features, and a Flash version of the cult-favorite game Plants vs. Zombies.

So Google is switching to Apple’s pioneered model that guides consumers towards installing, buying and discovering new applications.