Google Chrome Stable 6 released

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With in Just two years Google’s Baby ‘Chrome’ struck another milestone by releasing Google Chrome 6(6.0.472.53 ) stable version, where as Mozilla is way behind in version number .I wonder by 2011 we can see Chrome 10 or 11, however Google sidelines this issue and say’s that it doesn’t bother about version numbers.

According to GC blog, today is Chrome’s second anniversary, Happy Birthday Chrome 🙂

Coming to the release off stable version, Chrome 6(6.0.472.53 ) brings new features, few updates and also fixes around 12 different security vulnerabilities.

What’s new in this release?

  1. Updated UI
  2. Form Autofill
  3. Syncing of extensions and Autofill data
  4. Increased speed and stability
  5. Chrome address bar will no longer displays http://
  6. And a bunch of Security fixes
    Download Link:
    You can download online installer of Chrom 6 at or you can download the offline installation file from here
[via Google Chrome Releases]