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It’s November and Google Chrome team released a new version “Google Chrome 9.0.570.0′”, that brings new features and fixes issues  in previous version.

The Dev channel has been updated to 9.0.570.0 and is available is now available for download for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux platforms.

Previously I reported about Chrome 8 release to Dev channel and it seems Google Chrome 8 beta will be released tomorrow.

Chrome team say’s this release ‘Chrome 9.0.570.0’ fixes several crashes as well as:


  • Make sure the dock icon is updated after closing an incognito window with an in-progress download (Issue 48391)


  • Fix incorrect border colors in incognito mode. (Issue 52815)


  • Require a user gesture when opening file choose dialog and make sure file choose dialog from invisible windows can not be displayed (Issue 58319)

Known Issues

  • REGRESSION: Windows media player for Firefox doesn’t load – Issue 61603
  • Regression:accelerated compositing slows down the whole machine – Issue 61520
  • : “Page Unresponsive” dialog box appears – Issue 61533
  • : Cannot enter a character in Comments field – Issue 61513

Download : Google Chrome 9