Google Chrome 4 updated to fix 3 critical holes

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Google has released a new stable version of chrome( to fix 3 critical security flaws and two bugs that are existed in previous version( of the browser.

According to Google it has paid $1500 via it’s bug bounty program which was started in January 20010 by Google, that rewards money to researchers who find bugs in Chrome , depending upon the severity of the flaws.

This release fixes the following issues:

Security issues :

  • Memory-corruption flaws in HTML5 handling and in font handling
  • High cross-origin bypass in Google URL
  • Bugs:

  • Google Chrome was not using the correct path for the Java plugin for Java Version 6 Update 20.
  • was much slower on JavaScript benchmarks than
  • If your chrome Browser didn’t get new update, click “Abou Google Chrome” option, then it will update your browser to the new version.