Chrome 14 Beta released with Powerful features

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Google has released the beta version of Chrome 14 with new features, a few bug fixes, changes, and stability improvements.The beta build Chrome 14.0.835.35 is now available for download for Windows, Mac, Linux and Chrome Frame.

The major feature is the integration of Native Client into the beta of Chrome 14. This is feature is intended for developers which allows them to create better web apps. Native client allows developers to compile C/C++ code to run in the browser. It depends on a new plug-in API called Pepper. These are open source projects sponsored by Google.

Native Client apps use Pepper, a set of interfaces that give C and C++ bindings to the capabilities of HTML5. As a result, developers can now leverage their native code libraries and ability to deliver portable, high performance web apps.

Also google tried to please Mac OS X Lion users by including Lion scrollbars, fullscreen mode and print preview capabilities in Chrome 14 Beta. This version also put’s much emphasis on the HTML 5 features, including support for Audio and multimedia  with addition of Web Audio API  feature.

Web Audio API, a new JavaScript API offering advanced audio capabilities. The Web Audio API supports audio effects such as room simulation and spatialization, allowing web developers to create even more interactive experiences and games. Here are some examples you can play with, but we’re looking forward to seeing what other people build!

Chrome 14.0.835.35 has a number of new features and functionality, including:

  • Initial release of Native Client
  • Web Audio API
  • Additional Mac OS X Lion feature support
  • Sync Encryption for all data
  • Print Preview on Mac
  • Experimental Web Request extension API
  • Experimental Content Settings extension API
Download: Google Chrome 14.0.835.94 (Beta Channel)