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Chris Titus Tech’s Windows Utility: Free Script to tweak Windows

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Chris Titus Tech’s Windows Utility is a free script that will speed up the installation of necessary programs and allow you to customize dozens of Windows settings.

This useful script is a one-stop solution for administering your Windows machine. With this tiny script, you can quickly and easily install multiple programs, make a wide variety of system-wide adjustments, and more.

This Utility is a collection of tweaks, configuration settings, troubleshooting tools, and other Windows-related actions designed to improve the efficiency of system installations, removals, and upgrades.

How Chris Titus Tech’s Windows Utility works

To launch the application, right-click the Start menu and launch PowerShell or Windows Terminal as an administrator.

Enter or paste the command irm | iex

Press the Enter key.

Chris Titus Tech's Windows Utility Script on Windows Powershell

When you run the script for the first time, you’ll see a four-tabbed interface where you can easily check the boxes next to the features you’re interested in. Installs, Tweaks, Configuration, and Updates are the four tabs provided because they accurately describe their functions.

Install Tab:

In the Installs section, you can find a wide variety of generically helpful software packages. Multiple web browsers, messaging programs, file viewers, multimedia players, and use additional apps are available here. It’s easy to get the software you want by simply checking the boxes next to it and clicking “Install.”

Tweak Tab :

Depending on whether you are using a desktop or a laptop, the Tweak tab allows you to select several optimization options.

They divided the options in this section into two categories: essential and miscellaneous. Any of these features can be activated or deactivated, and if you change your mind, it’s a simple matter to revert back to the previous state.

Disabling telemetry, hibernating, recording gameplay with GameDVR, and setting a system restore point are all examples of essential tweaks.

Power throttling, notifications, UAC, and the ability to uninstall Microsoft Edge and Cortana are all accessible via the Miscellaneous tweaks.

Chris Titus Tech's Windows Utility UI

Config Tab:

In the “Config” tab, you can change settings for things like automatic login, adding new programs, resetting Windows Update, launching CHKDSK, and more.

Last but not least, you can change how Windows checks for updates by clicking the “Update” tab. Updates can be disabled entirely or delayed, for instance.

Key Features of Chris Titus Tech’s Windows Utility:

  • Allows you to install and update multiple essential applications.
  • Increases Windows performance and decreases background activity.
  • Provides recommended settings for each system type.
  • Enables speedy customization following Windows installation.
  • You can modify Microsoft Windows’s standard method of updating.

Download Chris Titus Tech’s Windows Script:

Run the following command as an administrator in PowerShell or Windows Terminal.
irm | iex