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This week, go on an exciting medieval adventure without spending a thing! The Epic Games Store is giving away the exciting PC game Chivalry 2 for free for a limited period.

Yes, you read it correctly. From today (May 30th) until June 6th, you can own this magnificent multiplayer slasher and immerse yourself in the violent, humorous, and immensely exciting realm of medieval warfare./

This is your chance to jump into a world of intense fights and strategic battles from the comfort of your computer.

About Chivalry 2 Game:

Torn Banner Studios created this first-person slasher game set in the medieval period. This exciting video game transports you back to the era of great wars, castles, and knights.

Jump right into epic 64-player combat in this game. Visualize yourself in a mad dash of death, attacking castles, besieging villages, and clashing steel with dozens of other players.

Select your weapon—a longsword, an axe, or perhaps even a reliable crossbow—and become an expert fighter. The deep melee system in Chivalry 2 rewards skilled gameplay by letting you use deadly combos and epic takedowns.

More Than Just Hacking and Slashing

It’s not all mindless killing in Chivalry 2. A variety of classes, objectives that pleasantly surprise players and even mounted combat maintain the game’s depth.

Mount up and ride into battle, dousing the enemies with blazing arrows or evading their attacks with precision. Gaining control over both your weapon and the fight is essential for success.

Epic Battles and Intense Combat

Chivalry 2’s combat system strives to deliver an intense and lifelike experience. Since the PC game is mostly about close fighting, you’ll have to time your attacks and blocks just right to beat your opponents. During the game’s massive battles, you and your allies will use siege engines to storm enemy strongholds.

A Visual Feast

The game’s beautiful graphics and detailed settings will transport you to a medieval world of greatness. Every part of the world of the game is carefully designed to pull you into the action, from the lush woods to the grand castles.

Limited Time Offer:

Chivalry 2 base game is available for free (worth $39.99) at the Epic Games Store.

From today until June 6, 2023, the game can be downloaded for free. This deal is available until June 13 as part of the Epic Games Store Mega Sale, which also includes other mystery games.

Grab the game by visiting this Epic Games Store page:

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