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Mx One :Free Antivirus for USB Drives

In my Previous post on March13th I mentioned about USB Vaccine a tool (from Panda )that prevents attack of virus from USB Drives by Disabling Autorun.inf file. So today I’m sharing another Free Antivirus software for USB Drives called Mx one Antivirus which is more powerful when compared to Pand USB Vaccine.
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The Safari browser hacked in 10 seconds

The Safari browser was hacked in 10 seconds by Charlie Miller a security researcher at contest Pwn2Own 2009 organized by CanSecWest. “It is not easy, but works with a single click, “he said after hacking safari in 10secs. Miller took $ 5000 and the MacBook he exploited, a good prize and hope

Avira Antivir 9, now with Free anti spyware and anti adware

Avira has released version 9 for its software , known as Avira Antivirus 9, which always comes in free and premium versions. But this time the company has played strong and released free Antivirus along with anti adware and anti spyware. The tool for detecting spyware’s in Avira Antivirus 9 is much
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Download of the Day :jv16 PowerTools

Do you think that your computer gets slower day by day? Are you experiencing any  frequent crashes,then you must try this   tool kit called jv16 PowerTools. Jv16 PowerTools provides the best solution to maximize the performance of your PC. Until now your computer might have been the one who was in charge,
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USB Vaccine : Antivirus for USB Pendrives

Now a days  every one is using  USB pen drive for data storage and data transfers, it is very common that these USB drives can quickly get infected by virus , so the spreading of a virus is only a matter time. These viruses take advantage of the Autorun.inf file that allows
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How to remove viruses in MSN Messenger ?

The viruses that survive in MSN messenger environment are many because of the huge numbers of people who use this application,there by which are spread easily. The best way to remove it is using another instant messaging program such as Pidgin or any other, the world does not end with MSN messenger.