Chrome, Google

Google tightens Chrome’s Security

Google is trying to make it’s browser “Chrome” more secure by introducing several measures to thwart malicious extensions, today Google  added new measures to identify extensions that misuse Chrome’s central management
Chrome, Google

Google Chrome 25 stable version Released

Google today released an upgrade for stable version of chrome browser, the stable release Chrome 25.0.1364.97 is a now available for Windows,Mac and Linux. The major feature that you may notice in the new stable version is silent installation of extensions is now disabled by default,  Google blocked this feature to prevent third parties from installing extension without user knowledge or

HelloSign: Easy and free way to sign documents

Have you ever needed a signature on an important document, quickly? HelloSign, a new, free app in the Chrome Web Store, may be able to help. With HelloSign, you can request & give signatures on documents that you have stored in Google Drive in just a few seconds, which can include presentations,