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CatchPulse Home Free 1 Year License-Anti-Malware for Windows

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CatchPulse Home provides customized security against malicious software. The anti-malware program detects malicious software that standard virus scanners miss.

Formerly known as SecureAPlus, the new and improved user interface of CatchPulse provides users with advanced artificial intelligence, multiple cloud-based antivirus scanners, and a straightforward “block first” method of application control.

Whether they are file-based or file-less, internal or external, CatchPulse has the right combination of threat detection, control, and insight to keep your Windows computer safe from all of them.

CatchPluse Home UI

The first time you use CatchPulse, it creates a unique “allow list” based on how you typically interact with your device. It will evaluate everything that comes after your applications and configurations against that foundation.

There are two primary settings in CatchPulse: Auto-Protect ON and Auto-Protect OFF.

Once you turn on Auto-Protect, the CatchPulse AI will assess the situation and decide what action to take based on its analysis and the results of third-party anti-viral scanners.

Disabling Auto-Protect places all decisions regarding which programs are allowed to run on the user’s computer in their hands.

CatchPluse Home Features

There is currently no artificial intelligence or anti-virus software, or even a combination of anti-virus software, that can guarantee 100% detection, 100% of the time. What occurs when the one-in-a-million unknowable event occurs is crucial (e.g., WannaCry, TeslaCrypt, and REvil).

To ensure complete safety, CatchPulse employs a “block-first” strategy to capture these beasts. Besides safeguarding against file-based threats, it also defends against malicious scripts. It also alerts you if it detects any seemingly harmless applications that could be exploited.

In the event that you already have an antivirus program set up on your Windows computer, CatchPulse will work in conjunction with it. Those who have already invested in third-party anti-virus software but need additional protection against unknown threats will find this a valuable offering.

CatchPulse Home Features:

  • Comprehensive Security Powered by Ten+ Cloud AV Engines.
  • Easier detection of malware and viruses.
  • Quick, Comprehensive System Scans.
  • Automatic Updates and Scans.
  • Strong On-Demand Scanner.
  • Application Control and Whitelisting as Part of a Block-First Strategy.
  • Three whitelisting modes are available, so you can set the level of security to your liking.
  • Works Well, Even Offline.

Developer page:

Get CatchPulse Home Free for 1 Year:

Download the setup file or installer from

Install the software, run it, and activate the 1-month trial.

Following that, go to the “Settings” tab, and then click the “Account” tab.

Proceed by selecting Login. You will see the option to Redeem the license, as shown in the screenshot below.

Click “Redeem License” and enter the License code or promo code displayed below.

Next, enter your email address (twice) and confirm it.
That’s it.

CatchPulse Home License Code