Canvas: Use your photos as a theme in Firefox

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Canvas Boom Theme for Firefox3.5
According to me Firefox is the best browser, not only for it’s speed and performance , but its own plugins  and themes  make Firefox unique from other browsers.While add-ons or plug-ins can give your browser additional functionality but at times one would feel the urge to make it more lively by adding backgrounds, etc.
If you would like to have your own image as a theme in your browser or would like a celebrity image , then you must select Canvas or Canvas Boom FireFox addon created by


Previously we listed 7 cool themes for Firefox 3.5,this is another cool theme compatible with Firefox 3.5

This addon has a privacy policy in order  to install this you must click on “Accept and Install” button

For more info visit

In Canvas theme you can select images from your system or from the web with Manage button. From there you can modify images of your browser, rename or delete them from the list.But when you install this addon it sets Yahoo Search as your default search engine.

Addon link:
Website link:

If you download the addon from,the size of the add-on  will be shown as 4.0GB. Don’t worry the actual size is 510 kb.

  1. Firefox is the best ever. I think Microsoft should look in acquiring them in the future. With 1,000,000,000 downloads they should start thinking hard about it. The photo plugin is awesomeness….very new feature to me.