CampTune 7.5 for Mac OS X for Free

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Paragon CampTune software for Mac OS X , allows Mac users with Intel-based systems running Boot Camp to redistribute free space between the Mac OS and Boot Camp NTFS partition without erasing or destroying data, also it allows you to increase or decrease hard disk space with a few clicks.

Generally Paragon CampTune 8 costs around $20, but Paragon is conducting a 3 days time Limted giveaway which allows to get Paragon CampTune for Mac OS X for free.

About Paragon CampTune:

Those who are familiar with ‘Boot camp’,a software which allows you to set a native Windows installation on your Mac easily, then you must be familiar with ‘disk space problem’ which is common on Boot Camp running Windows OS. The Generally solution will be deleting the partition, creating a bigger partition and installing Windows from scratch. This will be hectic process and very soon you will interest on running two OS’s on your native Mac system.

But there is real and easy solution from Paragon called “CampTune” tool which lets you resize your Boot Camp partition without destroying data. Camp Tune runs as a bootable Linux-based CD which allows you to boot your Mac and reallocate disk space between your Boot Camp and HFS+ partition.

Developer Description:

As a MAC OS X BootCamp™ user, having enough free space on both of your OS partitions is essential for running applications and optimum performance of your two systems. Until now, if one partition came up short on free space, the only option you had was to delete one of the partitions, adjust the partition size, and then reinstall the deleted OS and all of your applications – a time-consuming, daunting task. To solve this problem, Paragon Software developed CampTune™, a unique cross-platform communication technology that eliminates the barriers between MAC and Windows with an easy, stress-free way to resize either partition without deleting a thing.

Features and Benefits of CampTune 8 for Mac OS X:

  1. Bootable CD: Just insert the CD and reboot the system,That’s it
  2. Exceptional ease of use : Intuitive and efficient handling through our use friendly interface
  3. Stability: Through the longtime experience, Paragon has achieved an unprecedented high level of stability in the latest products
  4. Partitioning: Get high performance and minimal system overhead
  5. Works with Mac OS X 10.5.x Leopard & Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard


How do I get the software for free ?

  1. This is a 3-Day Giveaway from Pragon starts from tomorrow, FRIDAY October, 1, 03:00 am (NY Time) and will be available till MONDAY October, 4, 03:00 am (NY Time)!
  2. On these days visit this promo page and grab your free copy.
  3. More details will be updated once  the promo is alive.

  1. Please change the version to v7.5. Paragon is giving CampTune v7.5 as giveaway and not v8.