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BullGuard Mobile Backup 12 Free for 1 year

BullGuard Mobile Backup 12 allows you to easily backup and safeguard your most valuable content on your smartphone,with BullGuard’s Mobile Backup app you can keep your vital data safe in the cloud and access it from any device, anywhere.

Letting you keep your files safe, migrate them between phones and access them from any device, it provides a fantastic backup solution for your Android, iOS and Symbian phone, making an essential tool for any handset.

How would you feel if you lost your phone 1 minute from now? And all vital items on it at the same time? With 2GB+ of Online Backup you can avoid all the drama and hassle. Securely store all the important data and settings on your phone: contacts, photos, text messages, your calendar and music on BullGuard’s Online Backup Drive, and access them at any time, from any device connected to the Internet.

With BullGuard Mobile Backup 12 your data is protected by encryption when transferred between your phone and our backup servers. This way, BullGuard keeps your data safe and ensures your privacy.

Why choose BullGuard Mobile Backup 12?

Whether your smartphone runs on Android, Symbian or iPhone you can fully enjoy:

BullGuard Mobile Backup 12 Free for 1 year:

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