BullGuard Antivirus 10 free 1 year license

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This is a Christmas promotion by BullGuard, wwhich is giving away 5000 licences for 12 months of BullGuard Antivirus 10 for free. This is a very limited offer only first 5000 people can grab a license, so hurry up and grab one.

About BullGuard Antivirus :

BullGuard Antivirus is the perfect security solution if you prefer a hands-on approach and want a great add-on to help keep your computer protected.

This state-of-the art Antivirus provides dual-engine protection, and includes Behavioural Detection for catch rates that detects 65% more viruses than standard, signature based detection, and does so a lot faster.

To get the license visit this promo page(click here) and enter your email address to get free license.

[Thanks to acr]


    1. @ Candy:

      Maybe you were just too late.

      I was able to get 10 license codes for testing on some of my friends’ machines.

      The problem’s more on the extremely slow download for the massive (nearly 130MB!) AV10 installer from Bullguard’s server, using Bullguard’s own download manager. So far, I have not succeeded.

  1. @ bushtai is right,extremely slow download,and load in PC. Some times ago I try BG previous version from another one year promo for few mounts,and got major problems with update virus database,unable to update VDB for two weeks! Ask support for help but representative ban my log and pass from support for unknown reason..simply sucks..I remove this jink and switch to Avira and happy with it.:)

  2. Hi I distributed 6 license 2 all my facebook friends
    I’m not greedy but i care for my friends
    i know 1 antivirus is sufficient for 1 pc
    so don’t say ne 1 greedy
    i’m not selfish

  3. It’s great you helped out your friends, not saying you or anyone is selfish (maybe greedy,lol). I am saying if someone (maybe friends) want to try their luck getting a licence than that’s cool. Maybe they needed them, but if they don’t need it and they don’t use it then it’s just a waste. And maybe some of the people that did apply need it but they don’t get it because you thought that you would be nice and get some for your friends, some of who might not use them.
    Alright sorry for wasting anyone’s time who read this. And not trying to start anything with anyone, giving is a great thing.

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