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BufferZone by ‘Trustware Ltd ‘ is different from traditional security suites or Antivirus software,  instead of downloading Signature-based updates and preventing known viruses and malwares, BufferZone Pro uses virtualization technology and creates a virtual isolated environment on your PC which will eventually prevents “zero day” threats.

About BufferZone Security Pro :

BufferZone Security Pro lets you download files from any website, run any program, and open any email attachment with complete safety.

BufferZone Pro’s patented virtualization technology complements your existing anti-virus or anti-spyware solution by separating your operating system and creates an isolated zone on your PC, so any viruses or malwares can’t make permanent changes on your PC.

Unlike anti-virus and anti-spyware software, BufferZone requires no signature updates at all, while protecting your PC against spyware, viruses and adware – even new and yet unknown ones. Moreover, your sensitive data is immune from theft or damage.

Key Features :

  • Safely download anything in an isolated  zone.
  • Safely browse with Internet Explorer in an isolated zone.
  • Safely chat with MSN Messenger in an isolated zone.
  • Safely open e-mail attachments in an isolated  zone.
  • e-Bank and e-Shop in a trusted environment.
  • Schedule periodic “flushes” of the Virtual Zone.
  • Trustware Forum Support.
  • BufferZone Pro works with Windows 7, Vista and XP.


How to get BufferZone Pro free ?

    Trustware Ltd is conducting a Holidays Giveaway in which it is Giving away $40 worth BufferZone Pro 3.4 for free.

    All you need to do is download [14.6 MB] the special build from this link : www.trustware.com/download

Thanks to flash113

    1. I agree, saw this on Kim Komando’s Site. I did not see the Dsiclaimer, sorry does not suport 64 bit OS. She should have told us, sorry wll ot work with Windows 7.

      Sorry, I’m not trustung their claims if they will not support he most Popular OS System on the market