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Brothers - A Tale of Two Sons- Co-Op Game Now Available for Free

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Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons is a game made by Starbreeze Studios and released by 505 Games in 2013. It is an adventure game about two brothers.

Josef Fares directed the game, who was also the creative force behind last year’s Game of the Year winner, It Takes Two.

Although it is not a lengthy or extremely complex game, it does provide an emotional and gripping experience that almost any player may enjoy. This is a game that looks great and has a great story to go with it. It’s worth the few hours it takes to finish.

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons has been ported to a broad variety of consoles after its first release and following a publisher acquisition in 2015. In 2019, the game got a Nintendo Switch port. Every version of the game has been well-received, with scores averaging around 80 to 90 on most of the review sites.

This week, the Epic Games Store is offering a free copy of this $14.99 PC game. This game will be available for free on the Epic Games Store until February 24.

Visit this Epic Games Store link and sign in to your account to get this free game.

To obtain the game, click the “Get” button; the game will then be automatically added to the players’ library.

If you don’t already have an Epic Games account, you can sign up for one and download the Launcher from the site. Open the launcher and log in with your credentials. Then, go to the home page of the store. From there, you can go to the free games section and download any game that’s there, then play it.

Brothers - A Tale of Two Sons

About Brothers – A Tale of Two Sons

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons is a third-person adventure game set in a fantasy world. The player controls the two titular brothers as they search for a mystical cure for their father, who is dying. They’ll have to solve puzzles, move across platforms, and fight off orcs, dragons, and other monsters as they go.

However, it’s worth noting that the story won’t be delivered in the same way as most other games do. People who play this game can interpret it in a variety of ways because all the dialogue and story are written in a fictional language. This means that the story is shown through actions like gestures and facial expressions, as well as words.

The game’s most distinguishing feature is the way each sibling is controlled, with one utilizing the left thumbstick and the other the right. This is accomplished through the use of a third-person perspective, allowing users to manage and play as both brothers simultaneously.

One brother is more powerful and can move more things, while the other is smaller and can get through tight places more quickly. Often, players have to work with both of their brothers to solve a new puzzle, and sometimes they have to do that at the same time, too!