Keep Your Family Safe with Brick House Alert

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BrickHouse Security is one of the leading provider of safety and security products to major law enforcement agencies including the NYPD and FBI. BrickHouse Security also provides Medical alert systems or gadgets to help you and safeguard your senior family members.

Normally Grand parents or old people want to keep their independence, but their age will not allow them, so an Medical alert system will allow them to keep their independence longer by giving them the ability to receive help at a moment’s notice.

How do you feel if your parent or grandparent lives alone and may fall with no one around to help. Imagine them falling down in the house so badly that they cant even push a button. What about if your parent or grandparent is on the road outdoors and they suddenly need immediate help and no one knows where they are, in fact, they may not know where they are?

But with the existence of two Medical alert products or Gadgets from Brick House Alert you can know When a senior encounters an emergency such as a fall or a medical problem.

The two medical alerts Products are:

  1. One is for in the home and has a FALL ALERT detector that alerts emergency personnel that they have fallen and cant even push a button.
  2. The other product is a GPS Tracking Bracelet with 2-way speakerphone so they can use it like a cell phone and call for help, or the wearer can be found in cases of wandering due to Alzheimers.

BrickHouse Alert Home With Fall Detection Comes Complete With: Fall Detector,Panic Button and Base Station with Live Reminders

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The BrickHouse Alert is the ONLY Medical Alert Provider to offer 24 hour Fall Detection, and they do it for free as part of the standard package. Even if you cannot push the emergency panic button, you can be confident help is already on the way.