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Brand Marketing with Google+

The launch of Google Plus brings one more avenue for the brand marketers to promote their services and products. The only deference while marketing with Google plus is Google’s brand name. Google Plus has been built to meet the requirements of people in case of communication with each other. Google plus offers great platform for people to interact with each other in the same way they do on Tweeter and Facebook. Google plus also helps in creating more personal space to interact with friends and customers same as Facebook. As Google Plus marches ahead step by step in terms of numbers of users, it offers great platform for marketers to promote their business and services.

Reach Out to People through Google Plus and Gmail

Apart from Google’s offering for content sharing and interaction, it offers excellent opportunities for e-mail marketing. With the help of e-mail marketing marketers will do well to get rid of the opportunities it holds. By communicating with those who follows particular brand or those who are in contact list with the help of emails promotes the brand or services.


Build and Share Circle Specific Content

Interaction with users, customers or followers will particularly mind when the popularity of brand or service is high. The existing users who have joined the circle and other users who communicate publicly make some difference. Use particular group for brand followers to share services and blogs. In addition to circle add new channel to communicate with the customers or users.


Use Analytics to Get a Measure of the Traffic and ROI

When we talked about business, the talk of revenues is inevitable. Using Google analytic or other similar tools helps in quantifying the reach of brand communication. Compare that with the response which product or brand has generated in the form of sales and revenues. Analyze the difference and go for the new and more result oriented approach.


Interact with Consumers

When it comes to promotion of brand or product, interaction with consumers highly matters. In a competitive market, the way in which particular brand differs from other brands gives it an edge over the competitors. The presence of brand or product on Google plus is must in order to interact with consumers.

Stay prepared for the Integration of Google Plus with Google Search

In the virtual world Google is a powerful word. The popularity of its search engine is more than enough to say about Google. We can expect it would not be far-fetched for Google to integrate its searching facility with Google Plus. If this happens then Google plus will be the best platform for marketing. So, it is better to create connections with as many customers as possible.


Just as Google experiments with its search engine in a way to bring sophistication to its users, innovation can be expected from its Google Plus. It is quite a tough competition with the established platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. But the offering of large audience by Google for marketers will help Google plus to increase its value. The step by step approach of Google plus to increase its status as a well known platform for brand promotion will gradually increase its popularity. The success of Google will help Google plus to make its strong place in the virtual world.


About the author: Diana Maria is a blogger by profession. She loves writing on technology and luxury. Beside this she’s fond of books. Recently an article on Nissan Micra attracted her attention. These days she is busy in writing an article on red gold.

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