Box OneCloud Comes to Android

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Box OneCloud, an ecosystem of apps to help you stay productive from anywhere, is now available on the Android platform. In short this app allows you to get access to all your Mobile Content in One Place.Download Box for Android so you can:

  1. Edit, annotate and e-sign when away from the office
  2. Quickly save edited files back to Box
  3. Discover 50+ new productivity apps to help simplify your workflow
Box OneCloud brings together all your mobile content into the secure Box cloud. Experience productivity from anywhere and accelerate your business with a collection of mobile apps that integrate with Box to simplify and extend your workflow, while keeping content centralized on Box.

When first announced in late March,  Box OneCloud , is the first enterprise mobile framework to bring together your mobile content and the mission-critical apps designed to work with it. Starting with over thirty iOS apps, including four premier apps that offer deeper “round-trip” integrations, OneCloud will help you be productive from anywhere.

Now the app supports over 50 integrations on iOS, and have new tools that make it easy to integrate mobile apps into Box OneCloud. This app was launched first on iOS and received an overwhelming response from the community to quickly follow-up with Android support.

Box OneCloud for Android includes the following features:

  • App Gallery: shows users what apps work with Box and is contextually sensitive to show the best apps for file editing and creation
  • Round-trip integrations: provides a seamless way for you to open Box files in partner apps and save them back to Box.
  • Fifty Android App partners, including leading mobile productivity app integrations from FetchNotes, iAnnotate, Docusign Ink and Breezy

Here’s a screenshot of how the Box OneCloud app for Android looks and works.

New Developer Tools: Box OneCloud for Android SDK

In building Box OneCloud for Android, developers created a new SDK that allows developers to easily integrate with the Box Android app for seamless round-trip file editing and management. The SDK takes advantage of the native file management capabilities and encryption of files in transit between apps. Finally, they built on the file intent system that is already part of the Android operating system.


Download : Box  at Google play store