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BootRacer Premium for Free (v9.20)- Know your PC Boot time

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BootRacer is a nifty tool for monitoring your Windows PC Bootime and detecting Startup Programs slowing down the boot-up process.

The app calculates the clear Windows boot-up time, monitors your PC′s boot time, and notifies you about any speed degradation. It measures the total time used by startup programs at every boot.

You will know which programs slow down Windows boot-up and easily disable slow-down programs from Windows startup.

BootRacer 9 UI

This lightweight tool automatically tests how long Windows takes to start and saves it in a history database. You can analyze it to compare boot times when you install a new program.

The cool feature of BootRacer is a realistic measurement of the time taken to get to the Windows desktop. The remaining time counter gets you to know how soon your PC will be ready to use.

Simply launch the app, click on “Full Boot Test” and the program will restart your PC.

After restarting the PC, you will notice a timer in the bottom right-hand corner of the Windows desktop screen. This timer counts the total time your PC takes to boot and once the bootup process is completed, the app displays a summary.

Key Features:

  1. Simple Installation and straightforward interface.
  2. Automatically calculates your Windows boot time.
  3. Excludes a user password timeout from the Total Boot Time.
  4. Minimum use of computer resources.
  5. Runs under the non-administrator accounts.
  6. Logs all the results to the history report and the standard event log. You can check events using Windows Event Viewer.

Using this nifty app, you will not notice any performance spikes, but it will let you know what is causing or slowing down your PC boot-up process.


Get BootRacer Premium for Free:

BootRacer 9 Premium License

First, download the Giveaway version installer (v9.20.2024.0626) from this link or this link [22.8 MB].

Run the installer, complete the installation process, and launch the app.

On the app’s main window, click the “Premium” tab and in the next window click the” Register your Copy” button.

Next, enter below license code and hit the “Register” button.


That’s it. Restart the app or your PC.

BootRacer Premium v8.7 License

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