BMP Wrap : Hide any file as image

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BMP Wrap is  a small and free windows  application that allows you to disguise any file as an image.

If you have a common  desktop / laptop in your house and if you wish hide your private  files from other family members, I think you will put all these private files in a folder and use the ‘hide’ option or  you will use special software such as Iobit  protected folder to  password protect your confidential files.


But, do you know that you can hide important files or confidential data as images, thanks to this tiny application called BMP Wrap. The file size is just 20 KB, it’s a standalone file and doesn’t have any interface (UI).

To hide a file, all you need to do is  drag the file and drop it onto BMP Wrap icon, the program will generate a valid BMP  file or bitmap image with the same name  and you can store this image on your PC or share it with anybody you wish.

If you  open this bitmap image, you will find nothing but a distorted image and  if some one tries open this BMP file with a text editor, it will not  be clear what has been stored in it.

Not just for hiding files as images, this tiny steganography software can be helpful in sending  files such as  .exe & dll’s through email, because  email severs such as Gmail
doesn’t allow  executable files as attachments.

The software can be used to hide files such as PDF, Word, Excel, Dlls or whatever file format, after hiding the bitmap image can be sent a friend or the person you wish.

For extracting the original file from the bitmap image that you shared, your friend or destination users must have BMP Wrap application. They need to drop the bitmap image on BMP Wrap icon to extract the original file without any loss.


My view about BMP Wrap :

This is the best and simple tool to hide your important or secret files from others, but if the developer has added password protection then there is nothing to beat this tiny and steganograph application.

Download the application from developer website HCI Design