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Blue Light Filter Pro Android App For Free [Down Blue Light Levels]

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Blue Light Filter Pro is an Android app that reduces the blue light emitted by your phone or tablet screen at nighttime. This Android app normally sells for $2.99 and now for a limited time period, it’s available for free.

This free offer will be available for the next 4 days. With 100,000+ installations and more than 4500 users reviews, this app has a 4.4-star rating(out of 5).

Get the app for free by visiting this Play Store page.

Many Scientific studies conclude that blue light messes with our sleep and even causes headaches.

According to The Vision Council, gazing at screens for lengthy periods of time without taking a break can cause actual eye discomfort, as well as headaches, blurred vision, dry eyes, and neck and shoulder pain.

Blue Light Filter - Addiction to Smart Phones

Melanopsin is a protein found in the human eye that reacts to light intensity. To put it another way, your eye reacts to light with a shorter wavelength — which is regarded as blue — and theoretically prompts your brain to tell it it’s daytime and not bedtime. As a result, smartphone apps change the colour of the screen to limit blue light and prevent your eyes from telling your brain that it’s still day.

While taking breaks from staring at  Mobile displays and restricting the use of these devices in the evening hours is a good idea, another quick and effective way to reduce blue light exposure is to install an application that shades your screen to neutralize the blue light.

About Blue Light Filter Pro :

This Android app reduces the amount of blue light emitted by overlaying a translucent filter.
It keeps the eyes healthy by reducing the amount of blue light that reaches them and helps users achieve comfortable sleep.

It has a simple design with functions that are easy to understand and use.

Blue Light Filter Pro Android app


1.Filter settings
Can configure the filter color or intensity.

2.Notification settings
Control the filter settings easily from the notification bar.
3.Per App filter settings
Can set the filter ON / OFF for each apps.

4.Timer settings
Turn filter ON / OFF automatically every day at the set time.

Turn filter ON / OFF from widget.