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BitRaser File Eraser is a safe file deletion utility for Windows users. This software permanently deletes confidential files, folders, volumes, saved login passwords, and other information stored on a laptop, desktop, or server, and is not recoverable.

The software enables organizations to meet compliance requirements for preserving the data of customers, employees, and others that they hold, particularly when dealing with legislation such as GDPR and preventing data breaches.

Businesses use the file eraser tool to comply with legal requirements to securely destroy personal data following the termination of services or the expiration of a contract.

BitRaser File Eraser User Interface

Key Features:

  1. Enables the erasure of system activity traces to protect privacy and enhance system performance.
  2. Allows for the removal of installed application traces as well as Internet activity traces.
  3. Allows for the erasure of erased data (free hard drive space) to ensure privacy and improve memory usage (Supports FAT, exFAT, NTFS file systems).
  4. Create an erasure list with the names of files and folders that can be erased in a single step.
  5. Option to search for files by name or extension.
  6. It comes with three erasing algorithms as well as erasure verification options such as Random verification and Total verification.
  7. Option to schedule wiping tasks to execute automatically after a set length of time.
  8. Option to modify the software’s theme to light or dark mode.
  9. Removes all traces of emails, browser history, and archives stored on any device, medium, or server.
  10. Erases cookies as well as the most recently utilized application traces that track your behavior pattern.
  11. Erase logical discs or volumes safely and without affecting installed applications or operating system contents.
  12. Performs fast and simultaneous file erasure with the option to schedule file erasure activities.

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