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Bitdefender Safepay Released as Standalone Desktop App

Bitdefender Safepay is a security module which offers a safe environment for running online transactions, generally this module will be available as part of Bitdefender Security products, now the security firm Bitdefender released  Safepay as a standalone desktop application.

Bitdefender Safepay is available in two versions: Free and Premium, when compared to free version, the Premium has only one extra feature called WiFi Hotspot protection, which protects your Wifi connection and prevents hackers from accessing to your Wi-Fi connection and tracking your online activities.

Leaving the premium version aside, Bitdefender Safepay  free version  is helpful especially if you are frequent online shopper and using a free antivirus solution on your system. The Safepay app works along  with  any antivirus solution, according to  Bitdefender, the app provides safe online banking and e-shopping .

All over the Internet, malicious applications are created to access online accounts and steal important information. Keyloggers, for example, are pieces of software that track your keystrokes or execute automatic screenshots of the locations you access.Bitdefender Safepayprotects you against these applications, using  Bitdefender’s cloud technology the app thwarts Keyloggers, phishing attacks, and viruses to ensure a safe and trusted online experience.


What is Bitdefender Safepay?

Irrespective of the developer’s description, at the end Bitdefender Safepay  application is nothing but a desktop browser that provides secure browsing environment.

Although you may find several add-ons for  your favorite browser that offers similar security feature, but  SafePay app is different, it creates a sealed environment, shielded from third party intrusions and uses technology that is available in commercial security suite.

Not only this,  Safepay browser has  a self-protect mechanism, to prevent unauthorized modifications to your PCs files and processes. Also, I have  to mention that while using the app, I was unable to take a screen shot of  the browser through windows inbuilt screen shot function and  Snagit app.

bitdefender safepay

Bitdefender Safepay protects your system against following online threats:

So if you want ultimate security for  your sensitive  data, like a credit card number or  account number during online banking and shopping, then Safepay app will be very helpful.


bitdefender safepay desktop app

Installation and usage:

Bitdefender Safepay (online)  installer is around 5 MB, on launching the installer it further downloads few files (don’t know the size of these files, but requires good network speed) and will install the application.

After installation, run the app and login with your previous Bitdefender account or  through Google account. When you launch the Safepay app , it will black out your desktop screen and starts scanning for a certain type of malware, which according to the app’s description  once this malware infects your computer, it will comprise any activity you perform on your system. Every time you launch the app, this Scanning process will appear  on your desktop screen, but it’s a matter of few seconds.


Once the Scanning is finished,  you will see a full screen browser that provides a Sandbox type secure browsing environment. Now you can use the browser for your online shopping and bank transactions, but don’t expect faster browsing like Chrome. Also don’t use  this app  for your normal  browsing activities as it’s a basic browser with  few features like bookmarks, printing and tabbed view.

If you have finished your browsing or you want to see your desktop, just Click Switch to desktop icon in the upper left corner of  the browser  and to return to the Safepay browser , click Switch to Secure Desktop in the upper right corner of your desktop screen.

Further to make your online transactions more secure you can use  Virtual Keyboard, you can access the  Virtual Keyboard in the browser located on the left side of the URL field.



 Download Bitdefender Safepay from the developer’s page :


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