Bitdefender launches New Product Line

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Bitdefender has launched their new line of products, the first thing everything will notice is that the security firm has dropped the version numbers, so instead of Bitdefender Total security 2014 on the main UI you will just notice as the New edition  “Bitdefender Total Security “ in the interface.

bitdefender total security new edition

The main highlight of the Bitdefender new product line is the integration of a new scanning technology called “Photon”. According to Bitdefender, Photon scanning technology will speed up the scanning process significantly, with very less system resources.
Photon skips the unaltered files that have already been scanned and this will reduce the amount of files that need to be scanned or processed, thus leading to faster scanning.
Not only this, the new technology is adaptive, it will adjusts according to your PC configuration and learns which processes need monitoring and which do not.

Bitdefender Photon™, a new technology that tailor-fits to each user’s computer for fast scanning, a quicker boot time, smooth interaction with apps and the same award-winning detection rate.


Another new feature is Wallet, a password manager which manages both your website and application logs. Other Visual improvement you will notice in the new edition is change in interface, the user interface is improved to suit Windows 8.


Bitdefender new product line

Other improvements include enhanced antispam, parental controls , autopilot and Safepay module keeps sensitive data more secure with new wallet features. Bitdefender New Product line includes : Bitdefender Antivirus Plus, Bitdefender Internet Security ,Bitdefender Total Security and Bitdefender Windows 8 Security.

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If the 30 day trail on the Bitedefnder website is not enough you can get  BitDefender Total Security 2014 Free for 90 Days