Recently the Romanian Security firm Bitdefender released the  2016 edition of Bitdefender Internet Security, now the security firm started a promotion and  offering a 6 month License of BitDefender Internet Security 2016 for free to anyone.

BitDefender Internet Security 2016 arrives with a more intuitive and redesigned interface, the new features in 2015 edition include preferred profiles (Work, Game and Movie profiles) and PC tune-up tools for System optimization and maintenance.

BitDefender Internet Security 2016 is a complete protection suite for your windows system, that protects your PC from Trojans, worms,malware, rootkits, viruses, adware and spyware.

The real-time guard in this suite will block intrusions and the powerful Antivirus engine will automatically detects and remove dangerous files. Also this suite offers other security tools such as anti-spam, anti-phishing, parental control and privacy protections tools like Bitdefender wallet ,browser sandbox and File shredder.

BitDefender Internet Security 2016 is a complete protection suite for your windows system, which has all PC protection functions tied together in one package, it includes  :  Antivirus, Anti Spam, Anti Spyware, Strong Firewall, and Privacy control.

Normally a one year license of this security product will cost around $60 (USD), but for now the security firm Bitdefender is offering $ 30 worth 6 month license of BitDefender Internet Security 2016 for free.

If you are still using last year’s antivirus software, you’re at serious risk of being infected. It’s time to upgrade, avail this freebie from Bitdefender.

Before knowing about this free offer or giveaway from Bitdefender, I will give a brief description about the functions of this security suite.

Bitdefender Internet Security 2016 user interface is designed to suit each category of users.The main window gives you access to important product information, the program modules, and lets you do common tasks. From the main window you can use the Panels area for detailed configuration and advanced administrative tasks, and manage the product’s behaviour using Autopilot and Profiles.
BitDefender Internet Security 2015

With simple and easy to understand interface, BitDefender Internet Security 2016 offers protection against computer viruses, dangerous emails and prevents dangerous web threats that try to use your PC, furthermore it blocks inappropriate web-content or websites.

Bitdefender Internet Security has all tools to a safeguard your PC, the Antivirus engine protects you from Trojans, phishing and other threats from the Internet.

Next the privacy module monitors social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, it will check your privacy settings and warns you about dubious content.

The software provides a strong firewall that thwarts attacks  from network and alerts you when other apps installed on your system trying to use your network connection in a suspicious way.

The “SafePay” feature provides a secure web browser,  through this you can safely buy products  from online stores or do any other  online banking transactions.

For Gamers and laptop users, the BitDefender Internet Security 2016 offers different modes of function, the game mode offers safe and gaming experience, in game mode the app prevents Firewall connection issues and disables resource-intensive processes.

In Laptop Mode, the security suite tweaks its settings to consume less battery. Other key features include  :  USB drive immuniser, Rescue Mode, Wallet module (password manager) and parental controls.


Key Features of

  1. Best Protection for 4 Straight Years. Best Security of 2015, PC MAG.
  2. Imperceptible. Fastest System Speed. Confirmed by AV-TEST.
  3. Easy to Use. Simple to Understand. Handle Security with a Single Click.
  4. Prevent Unauthorized Access to your Private Data. Two-Way Firewall.
  5. Keep your Kids Safe. Monitor Their Activity. Discrete Parental Control.

BitDefender Internet Security 2016 Free 6 Months License  :

Update [27/8/2016] : Added a new  working promotion link

To get a 6 month subscription of Bitdefender IS 2016, head over to this  page : and enter your email address, check the box ‘I’m not a robot’ and  click on the ‘Get your Activation Code’ button.

Next, look for an email from Bitdefender in your  email-Inbox, follow the instructions to avail $30 worth 6 month subscription of BIS 2016 free.

Note : If you have already tried Bitdefender promos, create a new account (with new email ID) for this promo.
BitDefender Internet Security 2016 license