Bitdefender Home Scanner: Free tool to Find Security of WiFi Devices

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Bitdefender Home Scanner is a free security tool for Windows users that scans devices connected to your Home router and offers a report if there are risks or vulnerabilities that can be exploited by hackers.

This tiny tool will be helpful in finding security flaws and vulnerabilities in devices connected to your home network.

The Scanner detects any wireless device that is connected to your home network. These devices can be smart home devices such as Wi-Fi cameras, smart TVs, baby monitors, and game consoles, but also Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows-based devices.

The scanner will look for the following flaws: weak login credentials, insecure authentication, and hidden backdoors. Insecure authentication or hidden backdoors can put your privacy at risk. This way, personal data can fall into the wrong hands, giving unauthorized persons the possibility to use them for their own interests.

Bitdefender Home Scanner Features :

● Network mapping to discover the devices connected to your network.
● Vulnerability scanner for the devices connected to the home network,
including Internet of Things devices.
● Network identifier for security issues
This free application is simple to use and the only requirement is you need to have a Bitdefender account which is free.

Download the application from Bitdefender web page [9.45 MB], and install the software by unticking the option “send anonymous usage reports to Bitdefender”.

After finishing the installation, launch Home Scanner and start using the app by signing in with your Bitdefender account. If you don’t have a Bitdefender account, create a free one.

Now the software asks you whether the network connected to your system is your home network.Once you confirm your home network, the app will run a scan to detect all devices connected to your home network.

After a few minutes you will see ‘Scan complete’ notification and you’ll see a message (Potentially At Risk or No Risk Found ) next to each connected device.

Bitdefender Home Scanner analyzes how secure your wireless network is, looks for vulnerable devices, and weak passwords, and based on the vulnerabilities found, comes with recommendations to strengthen the security of your network.


Overall, this scanner from Bitdefender is good for finding security flaws in devices connected to your home network to improve the security level of your entire network, but cannot prevent the devices connected to your home network from getting infected with malware.