Bitdefender Clueful: Ensures apps no longer keep secrets

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Bitdefender Clueful is a free application for Android and iOS devices, which tell users that which applications on their devices (android or iOS) are misusing their data.

20% of apps look in your iPhone’s/ Android phones address book, Clueful knows which apps track your location, reads address books, access calendars, drain the battery and tracks usage through analytics networks and other things.

Clueful is a Privacy application that offers inside information about apps.

Find out:

  • Which apps access or even upload your own address book contacts to their cloud;
  • Which apps can learn your real identity;
  • Which apps might be carelessly sending your passwords over the internet and putting your accounts at risk;
  • Which apps use and upload your UDID to analyze what you do;
  • Which apps can read your personal or business calendars;
  • Which apps gather analytics in order to monitor you;
  • Which apps can track your location;
  • Which apps display ads;
  • Which apps drain your battery through their improper use of background services, such as GPS or audio services.

Why do you need to know what your apps are doing?

Most applications are legitimate. But Clueful provide the facts about how apps may be using your private data, but ultimately you are the one who decides if an app is safe to use or not.For example, an app that provides backup for your contacts has every right to access your entire address book, but why should a flashlight app do the same?

How to use Clueful?

Go to on your  Android or iOS device.  Download the app the app, then launch the app it will show  list of apps installed on your device. Touching an app in the list will reveal details about it’s behaviour.

How does Clueful work?

Clueful fetches privacy details about  apps from the Bitdefender cloud. Bitdefender has data on more than 100,000 apps and allows users to add comments about apps and how developers handle data.

Does Clueful have this information about every app out there?

For Now Bitdefender Clueful is focusing on free apps, since those are most likely to threaten your privacy. Not all apps may be known to Clueful but you may suggest your favorite app for analysis. Paid apps will follow, starting with the most popular ones.

You can easily request new titles to be analyzed. Just click the Info button at the top of the screen and then click Suggest app to send Clueful team an email with your suggestion. The Suggest app button also appears on the screen whenever a search finds no matches. The security firm will look into it as soon as possible.