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BenVista PhotoZoom Classic 7 Giveaway: Grab a Free License Worth $20

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BenVista PhotoZoom Classic 7 is ideal for enlarging digital images for printing and viewing. This Windows software enlarges digital images using BenVista’s S-Spline technologies.

Photography enthusiasts and professionals know the value of high-quality images. Sometimes the pictures we take or download aren’t the right size or quality. This is where image enlargement and reduction software comes in.

What is PhotoZoom Classic 7?

BenVista, an image processing software company, developed this software. This software creates larger and higher-quality images than any other using patented S-Spline XL and Max technologies. The software also has powerful tools for cropping and perfecting images.

Both Mobile camera and digital camera owners who want to enlarge photos without losing quality need PhotoZoom Classic 7.

Everyone can use the upscaling and resizing algorithms with just a few inputs because of the straightforward nature of the program’s interface. From the moment you launch the program and import a photo, the emphasis is clearly on the simplicity of use.

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How does it work?

We can attribute the effectiveness of PhotoZoom Classic 7 to its sophisticated algorithms and patented S-Spline technology.

S-Spline is a mathematical formula for expanding an image by adding new pixels without distorting the original.

When compared to traditional methods of resizing, which involve simply adding pixels by copying the ones that already exist, the results produced by this technology are significantly superior.

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BenVista PhotoZoom Classic 7 Key features are:

  • S-Spline XL interpolation technology, which has won awards, makes it possible to enlarge images without losing quality.
  • Predefined settings for different image types.
  • Reduce JPEG compression artifacts and noise.
  • Advanced tools for fine-tuning: Set up your resizing methods.
  • Resize profiles: With one click, you can choose your favorite groups of resize method presets and size settings.
  • Enlarges up to 300,000 by 300,000 pixels.
  • Support for multiple processors means a huge speed boost!
  • Large window for previewing.
  • Split-screen previewing lets you look at different ways to resize at once.
  • Supports RAW Images.

Get BenVista PhotoZoom Classic 7 for Free:

A free copy of PhotoZoom Classic 7 is available to anyone interested. A license for this software, normally $20, is being given away for free right now.

    1. To enter, just head on over to this giveaway page.
    2. Provide your email address, tick the box indicating your acceptance of the conditions, and hit the “Send” button.
    3. You will get an email from Franzis ( in a few moments.
    4. To confirm your email address, click the “Click Here to Activate” link.
    5. You’ll then receive a second email from Franzis containing details essential to activation, such as your customer ID and registration code (also called a serial number).
    6. Download the installer from or alt links [Link 1 / Link 2]
    7. Install the software and run the app.
    8. Enter the user ID and registration code that was sent to you in an email.
    9. Click the “Unlock” button to activate the full version.

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