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Beginning Programming with Java for Dummies eBook (6th Edition) Worth $18 for Free

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Beginning Programming with Java For Dummies ebook is written by Barry Burd. The author designed this book for non-technical readers who are interested in learning how to code in Java.

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About Beginning Programming with Java for Dummies (6th Edition):

This best-selling programming guide will help you master Java quickly and easily. If you want to learn to program in Java, one of the most widely used languages, this book is a must-have.

Java is a popular choice for developing mobile, desktop, and server-side applications, making it a highly marketable skill.

Any novice programmer would benefit from reading this book.

Beginning Programming with Java for Dummies ebook

This Dummies book begins with a brief introduction to programming and progresses to more advanced topics. It also describes the software necessary for creating your own programs.

It also provides detailed instructions for creating your own programs and an introduction to some of the more intricate features of the Java programming language.

It shows you how to do things systematically and gives you exercise to practice those methods (and email the author if you need help).

As you read the book, you’ll learn about these Java things:

  1. Object-oriented programming (OOP), a big part of Java.
  2. IntelliJ IDEA, a place to do all your programming and fix mistakes, called an IDE.
  3. Different ways to do things, like loops and collections.
  4. Things like variables and operators that help you control the code.
  5. How to make things happen in the code with expressions, statements, and blocks.