BeeConverter Pro Free 1 Year License [Windows/Mac]

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You want to convert your videos to a certain format, but all the technical terms are making you feel overwhelmed. Never fear! If you’re in search of a simple solution for converting videos, go no further than BeeConverter Pro. And you know what? You can get a free one-year license for this software now!

About BeeConverter Pro:

When it comes to video converters, BeeConverter Pro simplifies everything. Even novices will have no trouble navigating its user-friendly layout, which offers clear icons and well-defined functionality.

Want to watch videos on your phone? Just need to convert them to MP4. The process is as straightforward as dragging and dropping your clip, choosing the format you want, and clicking convert.

However, basic conversions are just the beginning of what BeeConverter Pro can do. Many common audio and video formats are compatible with it, including high-definition (HD)/4k options. It also claims to have conversion speeds that are up to 60 times quicker than the competition, which is rather remarkable.

More Than Just Conversions: A Feature-Packed Powerhouse

Beyond basic conversions, BeeConverter Pro provides several useful extra tools to elevate your video editing game.

Here are a few key points:

  • Trim and Merge Videos: Did you accidentally record something you don’t want to? The built-in cutter in BeeConverter makes it easy to get rid of parts that aren’t needed. Want to put together several clips into one smooth video? You can do that with the merge tool, which is great for making compilations or montages.
  • URL Conversion: You can download videos and music from Instagram, Facebook, and major platforms like YouTube to whatever format you want.
  • Video to GIF Creation: Quickly and easily create shareable GIFs from your favourite video clips. Making engaging content for social media is a breeze with BeeConverter.

Get BeeConverter Pro License for Free:

  1. Visit the giveaway page for Windows and for Mac, visit this giveaway page.
  2. Enter your first name, last name, and email address.
  3. Click the “Get Free License Now,” button.
  4. Check your email inbox for an email from the BeeConverter Team ( with your activation code or license key.
  5. Download the software for Windows from here (click the link) and for Mac, download it from here.
  6. Install the software and launch the program.
  7. Click “Try for free” and then click the “Key” icon in the top right corner.
  8. Enter the license code you received and click the “Activate” button.


An all-inclusive solution for all your video editing and conversion requirements, BeeConverter goes beyond being a simple video converter. If you want to manage your video files properly, you need this software. It has a powerful set of capabilities and an easy-to-use interface. Take advantage of this limited-time offer to upgrade your video editing capabilities with a free one-year license!

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