Battery Bar Android App Free for Limited Time

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Battery Bar is a simple and tiny android app that brings colorful energy bar to your phone and lets you forget the boring battery icon to check phone’s battery status.

I think most of us have the habit of checking the battery level of the phone few times in a day but instead of seeing the boring battery icon or a number, try this pretty cool app that provides users a slick way to visualize their Android phone battery percentage.

battery bar on stock android

The app simple put’s a slick and colorful status bar at the very top of your Smartphone display, you can customize the thickness of this bar, change transparency levels, the color of the power bar, and adds charging animations.

The app also provides option to add battery percentage in the power bar, so that you can check exact battery level of the phone while using other apps, another important feature of Battery Bar is it doesn’t distract you while using full-screen apps such as Youtube, the power bar will simply disappear when the full-screen app is launched.

In Google Play Store there are many apps available for checking the device battery status and even Android-based Xiaomi phones provides different ways to display battery percentage, but those are nothing like Battery Bar that turns monitoring phone’s battery into a colorful experience.

battery bar on MIUI

Key features of Battery Bar :

  1. Change that boring percentage number into a colorful energy bar.
  2. Offers users a slick way to visualize their battery percentage instead of just seeing a number or a battery icon.
  3. You can mess with settings such as the thickness of the energy bar, power bar color, battery percentage and battery bar position.
  4. The app also works well with full-screen apps such as YouTube with it disappearing when you go full screen so it doesn’t distract from your viewing.
  5. The best part is that you get to set the bar’s color segments that help differentiate from 25% remaining or 50% remaining. You also get choose how the bar is divided into the five segments, meaning you can set the percentages.
  6. You can try many different styles and see which one fits your phone’s display better.
  7. Pick a charging pulsating animation which will be displayed in the depleted bar(s).

Battery Bar Android App Free instead of $0.99

This paid app costs for USD $0.99 (but it’s just INR 20 in India) but for next 5 days, it’s available free of cost on Google Play, if you are interested to get the app for your device simply visit this Google Play link.