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Band of Defenders Beta Free Steam Key

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Band of Defenders is cooperative fun shooting game that has everything players expect and desire. Tons of different weapons, fluid animations and good feel from shooting bad guys.

In this COOP FPS game where up to four players protect one central object against masses of savages and mutants who rule the world slowly recovering from nuclear apocalypse. Players build, repair and upgrade barricades and turrets, craft weapons and try to survive waves of enemies.

Each game consists of few waves of enemies and players have time to build their defenses after they deal with each wave. The last wave is always led by one of the boss enemies, highly dangerous people that will test your defenses and skills to the fullest.

Band of Defenders Features and Content

  • 30+ weapons including pistols, assault rifles, grenade launchers, mines, grenades and more futuristic pieces like laser or tesla rifles
  • 65+ buildings (3 unique barricade types, 4 unique turret types and special structures like gun nest or “door”) to build
  • 10+ enemies ranging from expendable bandits trying to punch you to élite mutants in heavy armor and mortar in hand
  • 5+ maps in various post-apocalyptic scenarios
  • 3+ boss enemies that will test your defenses at the end of each battle
  • 4 difficulties that come not only with scaling of enemy stats but also with completely new sets of waves of enemies that will be attacking you
  • 4+ characters to choose from – do you see yourself as valorous soldier, sexy woman lieutenant or huge mutant that switched sides and fights against his own?
  • 200+ items for visual customization – hats, face accessories, armors, character skins and knife skins and models
  • Endless mode – protect yourself against waves of enemies, next one always stronger than the previous one
  • No micro transactions so all content is yours for taking!

band of defenders

Band of Defenders Beta Steam key Giveaway:

The game is in beta stage and developers are offering free Steam key to beta test the game.

People who take part in the beta  will get an in-game reward after release  of final version, but all progress will be deleted before launch and beta version Steam keys will be deactivated before launch.

Simply, visit the giveaway page and enter youre email address, you will receive a newsletter confirmation e-mail and after clicking on the confirmation link, an e-mail containing the Steam key will be sent to your e-mail address.