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Azure Lake Virtual instrument (VST3/AU) by ZAK Sound for Free(Worth $19)

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Azure Lake is an Inspiring Sessions series virtual instrument made by ZAK Sound for Windows and Mac. This virtual instrument (VST3/AU) has 28 sounds that can be used to make melodies that are soft, emotional, and inspired by the peace and quiet of lakes in nature and the environment around them.

The VST has 28 sound presets that can be used to create a unique and inspiring environment for the most emotional and profound songs.

The idea behind these instruments was to make a sound that was warm and beautiful, like how lakes sound. Developers made an imaginary lake called “Azure Lake” that refers to both calm and loud sounds and tones.

Azure Lake VST

Azure Lake has 18 controls that let you change the sound in any way you want. They are split up into five sections: envelope, settings, tone, wave fx, and filter.

  • Envelope: attack, sustain, decay, and release.
  • Settings: gain, curve selection, mode (polyphonic, monophonic, legato), gain, pan, ambiance, and glide (for legato).
  • Tone: wide range and high range.
  • Wave FX: LFO with different waveforms and depth/speed controls.
  • lowpass and highpass filters.

Usually, this VST plugin costs $19 USD. It can be used with Windows 64-bits (VST3) and macOS (VST3 and AU).

Key Features:

  • It is part of the Inspiring Sessions series and has 11 controls.
  • 28 sounds that will help you make heartbreaking, emotional, and soft melodies.
  • 18 controls and tools
  • Emotional and deep sounds
  • 1.4 GB (uncompressed)
  • New GUI


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Similar to the screenshot below, the giveaway page will show the serial code and links or instructions to download the software for Windows or macOS.

Azure Lake VST Serial